Most would agree that the world seems to be turning a lot faster than we are used to. "Just last week it was Christmas and here we are already at Easter". Sound familiar?

Conservationists will tell you this is as a result of global warming, while scientists will tell you time remains the same and its just our lifestyle that makes time appear to move faster and true dooms day prophets will tell you that during the end times (the zone we are now in, according to them) God will shorten the days to lessen the suffering of people on earth, which will no doubt speed up time.

Whatever your choice of reason, they all agree that there is definitely something wrong with time, albeit even in our heads. As a young child at school I was subjected to tedious history lessons that seemed to go on for days and not just the 45 minute period allocated. It took decades for me to reach 18 and school holidays were literally months long and once school started weekends were years apart and would never come .

Given our growing knowledge of the space- time continuum and fast moving high tech era we are in, its certainly true we are living a much faster lifestyle. PC's, Tablets, Smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in Google Earth, Google Sky and the information overload on world wide web have forever altered man and the way we live and respond to life. Progress, progress and more progress. If you aren't growing you are dying. As a business owner your business must get bigger and better every year. Go, go, go!.

Ok its not all bad. For one, Zuma hasn't been in power as long as you think he has and even if he did manage to win another term, the term would be a lot shorter next time. Your home will be paid off a lot sooner than the contract states and and you can tell your wife she looks a lot younger than her birth certificate says she is supposed to be. You shouldn't feel guilty about feeling the 7 year itch after only 7 weeks and you should feel guilty about admiring what you think is a 20 year old .

Living in the Garden Route certainly helps. Even if its a fleeting life, it's life in paradise .