At this Easter time, I thought it would be apt to quote a previous post to this forum by Kids4U. The post says it all, in a way never said before:

The Greatest Story Ever Told
He lived during an age when men were savage, the weak enslaved and the oppressed desperate for freedom and justice. It was a time when poverty and sickness were commonplace and the stench of immorality and debauchery wafted through the halls of the palatial homes of the elite and then on to the derelict hovels of the impoverished, breeding hatred and a complete loss of hope. The time was opportune for a mighty king, foretold by scripture, a royal bloodline warrior who would rise from the earth to do battle and destroy the cruel oppressors and emancipate the enslaved and quench their lust for righteous vengeance.

He was a lowly man, with features not distinct or particularly memorable. He was king and he came to free the enslaved, but he did not rise from the earth to take up arms and ride in battle. He came in peace and humility, yet he was victorious. His bloodline was true, yet his people knew him not and they rejected him and because of his meekness they smote him and they reveled in his death, believing they had won.

When time had passed and the full story began to unfold, in writings of those who had understood and believed, horror struck at the realization of the heinous deed. Their glorious victory was in fact their own appalling destruction and undoing. A righteous and incredible plan predestined by their very creator. The deed could not be undone. It was finished.

This story has been told many, many times and many lives changed because of it. There are those who uselessly seek to mar or destroy the memory of the deed, but it cannot be so. Thousands of years have passed, yet it remains true. Time itself marks the deed. It will not and cannot be undone.

At this Easter time dwell on this memory and the many lives it has changed and the incredible history of this story. Through the ages great kings, nobles and others have told this story. Many wars have been fought and many, many have died for this memory. Consider these lives lost and what they died to protect and be humbled by it.

Then consider the deed of this man, Jesus. Is it simply the story of a man? Only a fool could deem it so. The greatest story ever told is the story of God, who loves, understands and gives us incredible hope. You don’t have to tell the story, all you need to do is believe it. Rest assured many do.